Wednesday, 6 June 2012

new & old

This is a scheduled post as I am currently away at Download Festival! Follow me on twitter for updates while I'm away!
Necklaces: Regal Rose

Discovered Regal Rose via Vicky's blog, #GOLLYGOSH, and found myself falling in love with the majority of their stock. I ended up buying the Vivienne Heavy Metal Chain Spike Necklace and the Rene Huge Gothic Cross Necklace, which is basically the cross necklace that I have been looking for, for like, forever. I am looking forward to buying from them again (preferably this, this and this) not only because the pieces are well-made and affordable but the delivery was super fast and nicely packaged as well. Very impressed!

1: Bracelets from ASOS; 2, 3 & 4: Rings and bracelet (well technically anklet but will be worn as bracelet) from Topshop; 5: Wire spiral ring from Miss Selfridge, open triangle ring from Topshop; 6: Triangle stack rings from Topshop; 7: Nails Inc nail polishes in Portobello and Westminster Bridge.

A few more of this week's new purchases. I've been after some new rings for a while as a lot of my old favourites have become pretty tarnished and are a tad cumbersome at times, so I thought I'd get plenty of smaller, stacking rings to mix and match with. Also really fancied some matte top coat nail polish and there just happened to be a Nails Inc concession in Debenhams at White Rose when I went shopping there the other day so I picked this up as well as a neon orange/pink shade to wear with it. 

1: Metallica tee by And Finally @ Topshop; 2: Waterproof parka from ASOS 3: Crop top from ASOS; 4: Contrast sleeve sweat from ASOS; 5: Vagabond flatforms from ASOS.

New purchases continue (!) with a bit of an ASOS haul as well as a sneaky purchase of yet another 'Tallica tee from Topshop. When I saw this I just couldn't help myself though! Hoping to get plenty of wear out of all of this at Download Festival this week (except from the flatforms; flatforms + mud/general uneven ground = bad times!)

Customising my vintage Levi's sleeveless denim jacket.

Bank balance, fear not, as this week hasn't been all about buying new stuff. I rediscovered all these old band patches I used to have all over various bags and hoodies and decided the massive one would be perfect on my sleeveless denim jacket. A bit of machining on a big-ish stitch setting later, and voila! Hardly rocket science, but it's been forever since I did anything like this and it feels nice to get back into it again! I ended up on a bit of a roll and proceeded to cut the sleeves off about 5 or 6 different shirts that I'd been meaning to do for AGES and had never got round to. It doesn't exactly warrant a tutorial, all I did was cut off the sleeves behind the shoulder seam and then do a quick single hem round the arm hole to hide the rough edges. I also removed the sleeves off the grey marl Topshop midi dress as I have two of these, for which there is a perfectly good reason I may add (ie. I bought my regular size and discovered, after wearing it, that it was a bit big and that it was also available in a tall length so then bought the size down in the tall range. It's a good reason, honest!) which I think looks all the better for it!

1 & 2; Tartan shirt from Topshop many, many years ago; 3: Floral shirt from Urban Outfitters again from many years ago; 4: Pastel check shirt vintage Ben Sherman; 5: Blue check shirt from Urban Outfitters yet again from many, many years ago! 6 & 7: Topshop midi dress.


  1. Wowsies, you've bought lots of amazing stuff recently. Hope your having a boss time at Download x

  2. I should be at download :( i know you will have great time!
    Wow such fantastic buy!

  3. That denim waistcoat worked out well, looks awesome. Those rings are super, really like the trio set of triangle ones!

  4. Such an amazing post.
    That jewellery is amazing (and the rest of it of course!)
    Following now,
    Hannah xo


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