Sunday, 17 June 2012

download festival photo diary #2

Day #3
1 - 5: I'm wearing; Vintage Levi's gilet, Urban Outfitters culottes H&M top, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, cross necklace from Regal Rose, Aldo bag. Anna's wearing; Urban Outfitters shorts, my (very old) Ben Sherman leather jacket and Marc B bag; 6: Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, ASOS spike and bead bracelets, friendship bracelets unknown/gifts; 7: Rings from Topshop and Nails in Nails Inc Portobello; 8: Organisers finally decided to put straw down in most of the arena to help with the mud which was greatly appreciated, if not a couple of days too late! 9: Had churros for the first time ever, very nice I must say especially with the warm chocolate sauce they served them with! 10: Circle pit/general pit-ing in the crowd during the almighty Lamb of God; 11: Main stage during Lamb of God; 12: Me and the brother. It seems that this is my "listening to metal" face, apparently; 13, 14, 15 & 16: Me, my mum and my sister. Obviously dad had to catch me mid-sentence in that last one; 17: Group photo! Check out my dad looking super-cool wearing his cap backwards haha! 18 & 19: Ahh Chris Cornell. Y U SO PRETTY? Oh and yeah, Soundgarden weren't too shabby either... 20: Final band of the night and weekend was the legendary Black Sabbath. The picture doesn't show it, but everyone went properly mental (including me) although the drunk teenagers right in front of us, one of which was wearing this Primark dinosaur onesie, falling about and generally being obnoxious were pretty irritating. They obviously just couldn't handle their liquor!

Last part of my couple of Download posts, had hoped to get this up earlier but I've been feeling really weird and indecisive lately and couldn't decide on the photos to post and then took ages to arrange them all in the layout I wanted. Plus I'm a little disappointed that they're mainly of a lower quality as I was just taking the odd pic with my phone while my dad took photos with my old Nikon Coolpix camera, while I only used my DSLR on the Sunday morning to take outfit photos. I didn't take the DSLR out with me to the arena because I didn't want to have to smuggle my zoom lens in past security so I could take decent band pictures, as you're technically not allowed to bring DSLR's in with a lens longer than 6 inches (although in the end at the VIP gates they didn't check anyone at all, weirdly, so I could have probably gotten away with it) plus I didn't particularly want it to get lost/damaged/stolen either so I ended up leaving it safely locked up in the bunkpad most of the time. 

Anyway, as you can probably tell, the weather improved considerably on the Sunday, really warm and sunny with plenty of blue sky which made me very happy indeed. It was so nice to lose all the layers and throw on the sunnies and develop my (lack of a) tan a bit. We mainly stayed by the main stage again, watching Black Label Society (an old favourite of mine who I had meant to see in Manchester many years ago but it got cancelled thanks to Zakk Wylde's rival biker gang here in the UK, called Satan's Slaves I kid you not, assaulting one of the BLS fans on the way there and generally causing trouble. It sounds mental but it's genuinely true!) followed by Lamb of God, Megadeth, Soundgarden and of course Black Sabbath. It was an amazing end to a really good weekend and the family and I are now thinking about our next possible festival trip!

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