Thursday, 14 June 2012

download festival photo diary #1

Day #1
1: Enjoying a Kopparberg in our day tent; 2: The RIP wristband and bracelet my sister made for me. Just realised wearing it like this kinda makes it look like I'm wearing my own obituary (!) 3 & 4: Rings from Topshop, nails are Nails Inc in Portobello, watch is Marc by Marc Jacobs, spike bracelet from ASOS, beaded bracelet Urban Outfitters, others gifts/unknown; 5 & 6: My mum and sister; 7: All of us heading out to the arena. I'm wearing H&M pleather skirt, ASOS coat, Topshop tee and shirt, Primark wellies! 8: Dad oh-so-kindly took a dodgy, blurry picture of me dancing like a tit to Chase & Status. I is well G, innit; 9 & 10: The Somme-like mud in the arena; 11: Watching Chase & Status while waiting for The Prodigy.

Day #2
1: Main stage crowd; 2: Tenacious D and their humorously shaped backdrop; 3: Me (obvz!) watching Metallica. Dislike how much this picture highlights my stupid underbite,  oh well! 4: Crowd for Metallica; 5 & 6: More Metallica. Oh how I love James Hetfield

As you can probably tell the weekend started off very wet and very, very muddy. So muddy, in fact, that when we arrived on the Wednesday night our car got completely stuck and we couldn't move it until the next day when the Live Nation Experience staff could be bothered to bring a truck round and pull us out! I didn't get any shots of the bunkpad we were staying in, mainly because it looked a bit of a state even from the start, what with all the mud we were walking in, plus it it didn't really look much like the promo pictures. It was about a foot lower in height and the "furniture" looked like it had been made by a GCSE Resistant Materials class, which was pretty disappointing considering how much we shelled out for it. My brother's podpad was worse, mind, they were pretty much sleeping on a glorified shelf and provided with an airbed that didn't even fit. I really shouldn't complain 'cause, having said that, to me, the podpads were a million times better than regular camping even just for the fact that we could park our car right next to it and use gas cylinders to cook food/make a brew on, and being able to sleep in an actual bed and keep your stuff safe and dry made it worth it. Plus electricity! Meaning I could use my straighteners every morning and prevent my hair from looking like total crap! Really, to be fair, the only problem was that it was just hideously overpriced! Anyhow moaning aside, on Friday we got to see Machine Head (I know most metal-head types love them but I've never been all that fussed, personally) followed by Chase & Status and then The Prodigy, the latter of which were pretty incredible. 

Saturday was mainly spent at the main stage watching the likes of Steel Panther (funny but horrifically offensive to someone who considers herself as somewhat of a feminist. I just hope everyone takes what they do as it should be, a joke!) Tenacious D and of course Metallica. I also ventured over to the second stage to watch Killswitch Engage, as I had mentioned before, who are the one band I have been desperate to see for ages but never had the chance to. The only disappointing thing was that I had to leave before they finished their set so I could get a good spot for Metallica! Who were amazing, but of course I'm going to say that aren't I?


  1. Looks like you had a wicked time all the same, shame about the camping though! x

  2. Looks like you had a great time - i really wanted to go so i'm pretty jealous! x

  3. Aw great photographs, bloody English weather though such a shame it didn't stay dry for you...still...looks like you had an amazing time!


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